Classic Granite Slabs Toronto: Finding a Local Distributor for Your Design Project

Classic Granite Slabs in Toronto: Finding a Local Distributor for Your Design Project

Granite is a sought after luxury in the GTA that can give any outdated or sorry looking living space a bright and beautiful awakening. The organic and safe nature of granite slabs complimented by its guaranteed return on investment is sure enough to get homeowners keen attention. Keep reading to learn about the types of classic granite slabs available in Toronto as well as the benefits of hiring a wholesale natural stone distributor in your area.

Granite Usage Within the Home 

One of the best parts about granite slab is the fact that it can be used in a wide variety of spaces and places within the home. Here are the most popular spots chosen by GTA homeowners: 
  1. Kitchen accents. Countertops and backsplashes made of granite are surely the most popular and well-known uses of natural stone. People often immediately associate granite with kitchen spaces, and rightfully so, due to its popularity and long-standing market value.  
  2. Bathroom and vanity. Granite adds a sense of luxury and timeless taste to even the most out of date bathrooms. A great installation company will ensure that the stone is not too large or too small by judging the bathroom space prior to financial commitment.
  3. Fireplace and mantels. A beautiful stone fireplace is just what the doctor ordered during the long and dreary Canadian winter. 
  4. Mosaics. Granite can be used to create mosaic art accents in a variety of areas within the home. A landing space or front entrance stone piece is particularly intriguing and very popular in design trend circles this year. 
  5. Tables and desks. Busy families can benefit from investing in natural stone tabletops that will last a lifetime. Granite is extremely durable and stain resistant, which makes it easy to maintain and worry-free.
  6. Outdoors. Because of the durable nature of granite, many opt to install it on patios and within outdoor spaces to add luxury and a sense of coziness.

The Benefits of Natural Stone

Homeowners looking to buy classic granite slab in the GTA should look toward top reputable distributors who have been in the business for years. This type of company will have a more expansive variety of stone material to choose from and will have extensive industry knowledge.

Hiring a Local Distributor

It is best to stay local when in the market for classic granite slabs in Toronto in order to avoid expensive import fees and licensing complications. A good distributor will have access to international markets and take care of the hard part for you. Toronto based granite slab suppliers should be professionally recognized and trustworthy. Be sure to book a consultation visit to see granite in person prior to making concrete financial transactions. A great company will take what they do seriously and value natural stone as a thing of art and beauty. Look toward hiring a local granite distributor today - turn your dreams into reality!